Who is Protecting Small Business Interests During Covid-19?


We’ve been deeply concerned about the protection of small business owners during the Covid-19 crisis.

Because we’ve been representing small business owners exclusively for the past 6.5 years, we don’t feel that lawmakers and other policy makers actually understand what small business owners need.

We are undertaking an advocacy effort on behalf of small business owners. We need to start with data.

We’ve developed a survey to find out the concerns and health of small businesses.

You don’t need to be a client to participate, you just need to complete a short survey. There’s no catch, no cost.

The survey does not ask for any identifying information about your business and we will not sell your answers to any third parties for marketing or any other purpose.

We would just like to collect the pulse, collective concerns and data about small business owners so that we can analyze and present the results to lawmakers and other policy makers.

Should you want to share a name or personal story that we could share with lawmakers, please feel free to email us privately at:; we will only share details you are comfortable sharing.

We want to make sure the voices of small business owners are heard, loud and clear.

Here’s a link to the survey:

Thanks for your help

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