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Legal Guidance for Business Contracts

​Business owners encounter contracts on a daily basis.

​Whether you need a lawyer to review a contract or draft one for you, our experienced business lawyers in center city Philadelphia or the main line can help.

Know before you sign! Make sure you have an attorney review all of your business contracts to make sure you and your business are properly protected. Is a client or vendor asking you to sign their contract? Don’t just sign on the dotted line! If you are uncomfortable or don’t understand the terms, I can draft a contract specifically for you and your situation at a reasonable price.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Draft a Contract?

Here’s a secret: you can find a lot of these contracts on the internet. Some of the them are good, some of them are not so good, and some of them can get you into a lot of trouble. How do you know which ones are good and which ones are bad? That’s where a law degree comes in handy!

Every state has different laws that can affect a contract. Please, don’t just cut and paste or pick a random contract from the internet. You may save money initially, but if something goes wrong with that contract, you could end up paying much more than if you’d hired a small business lawyer to help you in the first place.

Here’s something we see all the time. A client comes to us with a contract they found on the internet. They’ve been using it for awhile with no problem until they are hired by a business-savvy client that asks them why they have certain provisions in their contract. The client has no idea what the language means either, because they got the contract from some nameless person on the internet. Do you really want to tell your clients that you have no idea what a provision in your own contract means? Doesn’t exactly come off as a serious business, does it?

If we review or draft your contract, our experienced business attorneys will make sure you understand all of the provisions and explain them to you in plain English. When a client asks you what something means, you’ll be able to explain with confidence and project that you are a serious business owner.

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