Existing Businesses

We offer a variety of legal services for existing business owners. Some of our most common services are listed below.

Business Audit
Many business owners start their business and DIY a lot of legal and compliance issues to save money. During start-up phase, many business owners feel they have nothing to lose. However, after a few years in business and once significant revenue is established, a business owner might start to question the foundation of the business. Is it sound? Was the entity really formed correctly? Are they doing something to pierce the corporate veil? Are they really in compliance with labor and employment laws? Maybe it’s time to think about protecting the brand?

If this sounds like your business, we offer a 3 or 6 month legal and operational audit program. We’ll get to the bottom of your legal foundation and operations and find the holes that could expose you and your business to liability. We’ll then recommend an action plan to get the business protected from liability and back on track for growth.

General Counsel Program
Ideal for businesses with over $300k in annual revenue that want to grow their business and profits. We will build your General Counsel program based on the existing needs and planned growth of your business. Most General Counsel subscribers will start with the business audit where we will examine your existing business structure, growth plan, employment procedures, policies in place and make recommendations to fix any legal, corporate or employment gaps.

After our audit, we will begin a 6 or 12 month program to keep your growth on track while cleaning up any legal messes we may have uncovered during our audit.

Hiring and Firing Package
Many business owners get pretty far before they need to hire. Others go the DIY route and when employee problems arise, they are scrambling for a good lawyer to help them out. Whether you’re about to hire your first employee, or need some clean up on your employment procedures, we’ll evaluate your employment needs and design a package to not only get you the solid documents you need in place to protect yourself and your business from employee claims, but also get you the training you need as to HOW best manage and set up the human resources (HR) best practice in your business. You’ll also have the option to subscribe to our ongoing HR support so we’re there when you need a first line of answers on sticky employment issues.