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For Real Estate Investors

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For five years, I defended property and business owners from personal injury claims.

Many of these lawsuits could have been avoided had the owner just done a little planning ahead of time.

If you’re investing in real estate, particularly in the Philadelphia area, you face huge liability exposure. Lawsuits can come from a variety of sources: tenants, guests of tenants, passersby and unscrupulous contractors.

As a property investor, prevention is key. Knowing what kind of entity to hold the property in, knowing how much insurance is truly enough, and knowing how to artfully use contracts to limit your liability. Plus, get familiar with the best tax advantage techniques out there right now, especially if you’re using your real estate portfolio as a retirement plan.

I can walk you through all of these techniques for a flat fee. Contact me now to set up an appointment to discuss your next real estate investment.

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