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The Path to Profitability Starts with the Proper Foundation.

Let’s face it, these days a lot of business owners turn to one of those online services to set up their LLC or corporation.

While for some that may work just fine, there are serious drawbacks to not investing in the proper advice and foundation when starting a business.

Investing in a solid foundation at the beginning will fast-track your business and put you on a path to profitability much sooner than you can figure out on your own.

My Business Entity package includes:  a one-hour strategy session to discuss all aspects of your business, entity formation, EIN, operating agreement, registered agent service for one year and a buy-sell if you have a partner(s).


My value as a lawyer is not in completing your paperwork, though that is certainly necessary. My value is in giving you advice: business, legal and otherwise. I like to think of myself as an old school lawyer: a trusted advisor, not a paper pusher or courtroom pitbull. So while you can certainly complete those LLC papers yourself, you’re missing out on the subtle, nuanced business and legal tips you’ll get by talking with someone that actually owns a business and is a lawyer as well.

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