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Raising Capital & Investor Agreements for Startups

​What startups need to consider when raising capital…

If you’re a high velocity or tech start-up, chances are you’re going to need to raise capital.

Whether it’s from angel investors, venture capital firms, or friends and family, giving away equity or taking on debt in your company has long-term ramifications.

Here’s what to consider when deciding on your financing route:

  • Risk tolerance,
  • Interest rates,
  • Investor relationships,
  • Legal ramifications,
  • Long-term implications, and more!

Way too many business owners skimp on the legal aspect and use forms found online or from other founders. This is a huge mistake, as raising capital triggers state and federal securities laws and disclosures.

Our firm can help you choose the best corporate structure and debt or equity deal to get your business the money it needs to take off, but also protect your business in the process.

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