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The Right Start – Business Start Up Program

The Path to Profitability Starts with the Proper Foundation.

Starting a business and don’t know where to begin?  LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, EIN, are you confused yet?

Wondering how you will grow a business to six or seven figures?

What contracts do you need? Should you register a trademark?  What should be in your terms of service?

What permits do you need?  Do you need to collect sales tax?  What’s in that lease you’re signing?

What do you need to look like a legitimate business owner?

Many business owners just starting out need to save money, but make the mistake of not getting all of their legal ducks in a row before they start conducting business.

This can expose you to liability, make your clients and customers question your credibility, or both. 

And bottom line is, it will affect the bottom line of your business.

If your intention is to run a real business and make a living running a real business, then treat it like one and invest in it.

Sure, you can cheap out by using an online legal service, but did this nameless, faceless company explain the terms of your operating agreement or what an S-corp is?  Or that you can be an LLC but taxed as an S-corp?  Or that the product you intend to distribute actually requires registration with the FDA, CPSC, FTC, SEC, CIA or FBI? (just kidding on those last two).

Our office will get you set up with a business entity that will work for you, an operating agreement that will work best for you and your partners, consult about trademark registrations, draft any contracts you need, review your commercial lease and perform a total risk assessment and be there for ongoing support and advice. 

You’ll be set up to skyrocket to profits.

You’ll have total peace of mind knowing you truly have a legitimate business.

You’ll be confident that your intellectual property is protected. 

(Hint: Your IP might be one of the most valuable assets of your business.)

You’ll know your contracts were tailored just for your business and are actually valid in your state (you’d be shocked at the stuff people show us they’ve been using.)

More importantly, you’ll actually understand what your contracts say, so when your clients and customers ask you about severability, indemnification, and why it says the laws of Timbuktu apply to your contract, you won’t have to tell them you have no idea because you found the contract on the internet.  Doesn’t exactly come off as a sophisticated business owner, does it?

Do yourself a favor and step up into the big leagues of business ownership and get yourself the help you need to skyrocket yourself into a successful, lucrative and long-term business.

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Single member packages range $1,800-$3,500.00.

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Is This Program Right For You?

This is not a one-size-fits all program and our services are not right for everybody. Who is this program for? 

  • Go-getter types that have already achieved a measure of success as an employee or elsewhere in their life and want to start and grow a 6-figure business.
  • Serious business start-ups who know it’s important to set up a business in the proper way in order to protect themselves and increase their profits.
  • New business owners that have multiple legal needs and ongoing questions they would like addressed in one program.
  • People who want to sleep soundly at night because they feel like an in-control, informed business owner. 
    People who want to do the hard work it takes to properly start a business.
  • People who value human interaction and making connections.
  • It’s important to us that we help business owners that want to succeed.  We’ve found that successful business owners share some common criteria, which we’ve outlined here and are a prerequisite to working together in this program.

*You must meet certain criteria for this program. 
Please do not apply if:

  • your business is a hobby
  • you are not willing to commit the time to your business
  • you are content barely scraping by
  • you’re considering using online legal services
  • you’re looking for low cost or free legal advice
  • you don’t have a business plan
  • you only want to deal with your business at night or on weekends
  • your business is inadequately capitalized
  • ​(we can’t want it more than you)

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