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How Do You Register A Copyright or Trademark?


What is the difference between a copyright and a trademark? When should you register a copyright or trademark? How much will it cost? These are questions most small business owners inevitably face.

Images, writings, logos and the creations of your business are valuable intellectual property. Make sure you protect these assets by properly registering them when necessary.

Our office can help you determine when and how you should register your creations. Whether you are a photographer, Amazon seller or Etsy seller, you probably know that piracy is rampant on the internet. The protection of your work is extremely important. As the owner of a small business, it is critical for you to understand your copyright and trademark needs. In some cases, to get the top level of protection and available remedies, you need to register your property before you launch it into the world, or within a certain time frame. Copyrights and trademarks are a complicated and nuanced area of the law, don’t skimp on professional advice.

There are some DIY trademark services or cheap trademark registration services, but only an attorney can give you legal advice. Your brand name, logo and any other intellectual property is critical to your business, so make sure you get advice you are comfortable with and truly understand.

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