Trademarks & Copyright registrations for flat fees in Philadelphia

We offer a variety of services on a flat fee basis to businesses that want to protect their most important assets – intellectual property (IP).

Intellectual property can consist of your business name, logo, tag line, slogan or trade packaging/trade dress. It can also be any writings, photos or other creations. Finally, it can even be a process or invention.

Below are typical packages we offer for IP:

Trademark &/Or Copyright Package
consult to discuss legal issues (phone or in-person)
review of IP assets, ie: written materials, photos, logos, brand elements, names
recommendations for using “TM,” or copyright notices on materials
federal search and application for the trademarks
submission of any necessary copyright registration

Trademark Watch
Once you have a registered mark, it’s critical to police it. We offer an ongoing subscription to monitor your trademarks and send cease and desist letters when necessary. In the event you need to litigate, we have counsel to refer you to on standby.

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