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We work with small to midsize businesses. We look for clients that understand the importance of building a team, including having professional advisors to help protect them.

We’ve helped clients in many different industries, including: therapists, medical practices, consulting groups, professional services providers, retail, bakeries, software and tech companies, travel/tourism, the wedding industry, wellness and many more.

We are very much an outside general counsel law firm to your business. if you had in-house general counsel, you’d bring all legal issues that come into the business to your general counsel. There are many matters general counsel can handle, such as contracts, employment, leasing, business sale, trademarks and other business transactions. If a special matter comes in, we have suggestions for outside counsel, such as litigation and/or regulatory issues.

We offer services as part of a subscription model, as well as traditional retainer services. With our subscription model, we’ve found that we can save clients thousands of dollars on legal fees every year by not charging hourly for calls, emails and general advice. For more info on our subscription model, click here. We can only take a certain number of clients in our subscription each year and basic qualifications must be met.

Currently, we have attorneys licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. We can assist with trademark matters anywhere in the United States.

Yes, we offer several subscription tiers for our legal services. We have a Silver general counsel subscription, perfect for start-ups or clients without employees, where we are available to answer basic legal questions that come into your business on an ongoing basis, provide contract edits and tweaks and ongoing trademark/IP help. For businesses with a number of employees, we offer a Gold tier subscription service, that includes ongoing employment law advice, such as hiring, firing and keeping employment documents updated and compliant. Finally, for those clients looking to rapidly grow or sell a business within a few years, we offer a Platinum subscription, which includes our Growth Acceleration plan.

First, you must have an initial call with our office to see if we’re a good fit to work together and if you have the type of matter we can assist with. If it’s a good fit, you will be quoted a retainer or other fee or offered a place in our subscription program if space is available. Next, you’ll fill out some paperwork and sign an engagement with our office.

Due to client confidentiality issues, we do not give out lists of our clients or their contact information. Fortunately, many past clients have voluntarily posted google reviews on our business google page and you can view their testimonials there.

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